Sunday, November 21, 2004

Well life still majorly sucks. I sat around all day eating ice cream. You know scor bars suck but scor ice cream is pretty good. I just wish there was something I could do to make my life suck less. There are no damn jobs here and I dont even know if I want to go back to Edmonton. What the hell am I supposed to do.

Well its been a long summer and I havent updated in months. So what happened you ask? Well a hell of alot. So I met a girl at camp this summer, she is now my girlfriend. She is living in Edmonton going to school right now and I am in Comox doing nothing. Thats weird you might think. Well it wasent always so. After being fired from camp, long story, we decided to both head off to Edmonton. We got there at the end of August and I stayed with her parents till school started, then I moved into a condo with some guys she knew. That weekend her church, very strange, practically forced me to go on their youth retreat. I told them I dident have 80$ for that they said I could hit them later for it. So I went and I got mad at their church and they decided to make a big deal out of it. So the idiot youth pastor goes and tells Victoria's, my girlfriend, dad about what I said and they take me out to breakfast. Where I appologized to them. Afterward her dad told her that I never appologized and that I had a "bad attitude". Just becasue I dont agree with his bullshit theology thats all about patronizing women and being in everyones business. So now the guy thinks I have a bad attitude. So one night I was kinda bored and Victoria was busy. So I have some guys over from work for beers and a movie. So were drinking and we get pretty pissed. So we decide it would be a good idea to steal some money from one of my roommates rooms. We took like 80$. It was dumb and I was an ass for doing it. But the thing is my roommate, being the biggest square I have ever met, calls her dad and tells him. While all this calling and shit is happening I haveing a bit of a vaction back on the island. So I go back at the end of the week and Victoria and I play it cool like nothing is wrong. But he goes off on me and tells me Iam never allowed to talk to her again and that I have to go back to BC. I, being in love with Victoria, decide to ablidge. So I go home and Victoria and I continue our relationship and talk everynight without telling him. I decide its bullshit and make her realize that shes and adult and he cant controll her like that anymore. So she tells him about us. He seems cool with it. At that point we were planning for her to come visit me for her birthday which is in a few days. So she tells him about it. This is where it gets really fucked up. He is tottally cool with it. So I buy the ticket and shes all set. Well, the night before she is supposed to come here she gets a call from her pastor. Hes all like yeah we had a metting and decided you cant go to BC. Shes like wtf? So she hangs up and unpluggs the phone. Then her dad calls me and pretty much tells me to f off. Iam jsut like "She is turning 18 and she doesent even live with you anymore, let her make her own choices." Then I hang up on him. She feels bad and calls him and at like 2 am calls me and says that she isent coming. Iam so pissed at this time and Iam like "Well if you want us to work you will get on that plane tommorrow". I said " I will be waiting at the airport tommorrow morning." I got up at seven did my stuff and went to the airport. She dident get off the plane. So Iam broken hearted and out 120$. Now she is telling me she did this for us and she wont admit that she made the wrong choice but she still wants me to go out with her. Iam still not sure what to do. Iam so damn mad. Anyway Iam out. Does anyone else think I have a right to be mad?