Monday, April 19, 2004

Well Iam back at school untill tommorrow. Yesterday me and my sister Sam went to Metrotown all day and shopped. She bought a bunch of cloths and I bought two CD's (Story of the Year and The Darkness) and a pin with Grumpy bear on it. It was fun. Then we got bubble tea, I had plain green tea. On Friday I went to see Kill Bill 2 with Keira and Josh. It was pretty sweet. Then I came back to school on Saturday. Sam really isent supposed to be in my dorm right now. But no body is here so I think its OK. Anyway, Ill be back home tommorrow, hopefully in time for youth group. I have a bunch of pics of may long weekend from last year that I just found. Adam Out.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Well. I havent blogged in a while. I would like to say I've been busy,but, I havent been doing anything. I got to drive a brand new beemer today. Lu brought his beemer into BMW and they gave him a courtesy car so he let us all drive it. We got it up to 196km/h and put 400 km on it. We had fun. I saw "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind" yesterday. It was great. I cant wait to get home. I hope I have time to get a labret piercing before my mom sees me. That would be some real shock value. Anyway I get to see this girl I like for the last time this year on Friday. I hope I dont chicken out and actually tell her how I feel about her. I made her a sweet hemp necklace. It is way more fun to post so early in the morning. God has been working in me this past week. I have felt his presence. I started reading my bible again. I also started joggin; it is very spiritual. I have also taken to peacefull mediation. Its kinda a combo between Buddhist Zen meditaion and Prayer and Christian meditation. First I pray that God will reveal to me truth in the bible passage I read before hand. Then I use the Zen meditation to clear my mind of anything, great for stress. Then I think about the wholeness of the Universe and Gods energy. Then I contemplate the scripture. Wow nothing is more spiritual. I will have to teach you guys when I get back. It is so cool. Anyway its late. G'nite.