Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Finally here are pictures from switchfoot.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

I wrote this about a girl I met at school.

Do I tell her I love her?
I look at her and I wonder…
What’s her favorite colour?
Her favorite food?
Does she like to sit on the beach and watch the waves?
I look around and she’s gone
Does she even know I exist?
Can she know how I feel?
Her hand in mine we walk down the shore
It’s only a dream; of which I have more
They flow like the ocean
Make me sick
How could I dream without her?
Could she love me?
I tell her I love her
I tell her again
It’s only a dream; washed away like the sand

He says that he loves me
The God above all
He says to be patient
With love he knows best
This still doesn’t answer my simple request
Do I tell her I love her?
Can I bear the pain?
How can it be, to be loved the same?
I want to take that walk on the sand
To tell her I love her hand in hand

I’ll make this a prayer for eyes to see
Do I tell her I love her?
What she means to me
Am I a fool?
I barely know her but somehow I know
We could walk on the sand; hand in hand

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Well I've had a crazy couple of days. I went to Switchfoot on Monday. It wasent just my first time going to a consert but also my first time going to America. It was awesome; we went to Jack in the Box and I had a sourdough jack then we went to Krispy Kreme which was also awesome. A group called Copeland opened for Switchfoot and they were awesome. I cant belive how much fun it was. Then we went to Dennys at like 2 in the morning. And yesterday I got to go to Washington again to go to a friends house for a camp fire. I met a guy there who said he would dread my hair for free if I brought Snacks and Movies. Any way thats my life.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

I HATE CELL PHONES. I mean why would I want people to be able to call me 24-7? I dont even like it when people call me on my landline telephone. Now that everyone has them their always on them. Its like people can no longer talk face to face. I was on the bus for an hour and like ten people gopt phone calls and spent most of the time talking to people in their own little world. The only thing I hate more then cell phones are stupid ring tones. Man its gets annoying when everytime the guy next to you gets a call you have to hear a midi version of snoop dogg. Ergh. In lighter news today.. I got ordained over the internet. I can now perform Weddings, Funerals, and Baptisms. Cool eh? You can be a Minister too for free just goto ULC. Ah the Internet truely does rule. And now for the weather. It looks like it will be a great day on monday to go to a Switchfoot concert in Seatle. Did you know this is Adam's first time going to the States and a concert? Back to you Bob. You know, I did not know that. But I hear they have killer Mountain Dew in the US of A. And thats whats happening in our neck of the woods. So untill next time.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Well here it is. Iam writting this from the shartin hotel on burrard. I had a long night last night. I spent all of my day at youth extreme. Then we decided to prank the girls (who were having a sleep over). So we went and got some cinder blocks from one of the guys work and headed over to Christinas house at like 1:00. We got there and jacked up their cars and put them in cinder blocks, so that when they got up in the morning they wouldent go anywhere. While we were doing this they saw us and we ran away. But we forgot all our tools and has to go back. They had taken the tools so we decided to sneaki into their hottub in our boxers. When they caught us they threw our cloths in the hottub and we had to drive back half naked and wet. They eventually gave us towels and we negotiated the tools back. But we agreed to fix their cars. We found that they had trashed our car and then we dident fix theirs. Then we had to drive by the trinity security guard half naked. We got in around 5:00am.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Hey, I just jad some time to kill and thought I'de post. Well I had two classes today. At 8:25 I had Intro to New Testement and at 9:30 Drama. I hate getting up early but they were fun. Its hard to belive i've been up that long. Whoa. Any way my computer is fairly stable now. Expect for ALSA (Sound Support) I messed it bad in the kernel. Ill fix it tommorrow as well as migrate to GNOME. I dont know if I should wait for a new version. I worked on my story a bit. Got another page finished. It involves a nymph. Anyway Ill put a link up later to download it.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Hey Sorry I havent posted in a while. I tried to install FreeBSD and upon resizeing my ReiserFS partion where Gentoo resides I messed up some fragmented data. It took me a while to get going again with X and all. Well I did nothing all weekend. I did reinstall Gentoo but thats it. I also did my laundry today. I love fresh cloth but hate doing laundry. Iam out of money on my food card and decided to buy frozen food to survive off of. I had a breaded fish fillet for breakfast, kim che for lunch and perogies for diner. All in all it went pretty good. I also finished reading "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". I havent had class for four days. Now that IDIS is done I have no class on Monday and Friday. What a shame. At least I passed IDIS. I dont know about any of my other classes. Well I expect to do all right in RELS and hope to scrap by in Geograpy. I've given up on English and Drama is iffy. Theres no way Iam taking 5 classes again next semester. It burns you out. I cant belive how much more I procrastinate when I have more work to do. Anyway my systems back up and running and I am kinda feeling lonely. Well not like the kinda lonely where you think you have no friends. I just really wish I had a girlfriend. I think it might just be the Spring or all the guys around me with girlfriends. But now more then ever I wish I had one. Oh well I've embarresed myself enough for tonite. Good night.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Well we built this fort a while ago but Iam just trying to figure out how to impliment pictures into my blog interface. I am currently working on the interface. I want to customize it to reflect me as an individual.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I noticed something today. People on the internet never use verbs anymore. I mean how can we read emails and IM's without verbs. Man the internet is gonna revolutionize the english language. Not only do we no longer need verbs but we dont even need half the words. They can all be expressed with acronyms. Like gtg and brb and lol and j/k or even with a series of numbers or random keyboard symbols that people think look like stuff. :) <--- What is that?. Someone should write a dictionary program that translates for the tragically u/\/-l337. It could take out all the verbs and reduce unnessisary words to acronyms. It could even use numbers to represent some letters. Then we would not need the A anymore I mean we already have a 4 and it kinda looks like an A. Then we would have much more time after reading their posts to do........ Nope cant think of what ill use all my saved time for. But I'am sure theres something.

The DELCA project Man this stuff is sooooooo cool. I want to have my very own ghost someday. Maybe they will have holographic bodies. So cool. Man what will they come up with next?

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Well I just finished my mid term. It wasent so bad. I really like new-testement class. But I really hate being up at like 8:00. I wish I could take all my classes after noon. Anyway thats really all I gots to say. Check this out its Creepy RFID Tags in 20's

I havent posted all week. Well I have a midterm tommorrow and I should be sleeping but I cant. The midterm is at 8:25 am by the way. I just finished the fourth book in the chronicals of narnia series (Prince Caspian). Man C.S. Lewis was a genius. Its like being a kid again. I cant believe I waited so long to re-read them. Oh I also just upgraded to the 2004.0 version of Gentoo Linux. Whoopie right? Man life is good at school even though the going is tough and Iam not doing so well this term. At least I will be on summer hollidays in less then two months. I hope counselling at Qwanoes works out. I dont know what Ill do if it doesent.